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Our team is a dedicated to providing above and beyond service with top notch cleaning and sanitizing practices. Meet the team that has allowed A Clean Slate to become a trusted name in commercial and construction cleaning.

Our construction cleaning services are designed to ensure that your site is clean, safe, and ready for occupancy. We offer a range of services, including rough cleaning, final cleaning, and ongoing cleaning during construction.

history of success

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May 4, 2003, Carol Taylor's life changed forever when a tornado swept through her family’s home in Gladstone, MO. The Taylor family emerged from their refuge with just one injury – Carol’s twisted ankle. However, with their house now uninhabitable, they spent that entire summer in temporary housing while waiting for their home to be restored. 


Carol chose to leave her job as Project Manager in the technology industry and direct her energies to volunteering in the community and caring for her family. After Carol prayed for guidance she heard a clear voice telling her to “Clean your house!”. 

Cleaning her home gave Carol satisfaction and purpose. She began cleaning other tornado-related projects nearby. After receiving encourage words from Stu Van Gorp of Damage Control Restoration she started A CLEAN SLATE, named to provide a fresh start to other people. 



The volume of business grew, based on Carol’s reputation for integrity and hard work, and she began to hire employees. In June 2005, she won her first big commercial contract with local construction company, JE Dunn. Today, ever-resilient CEO Carol Taylor and her hard-working team continue to provide fresh starts to clients large and small as a full-service commercial and construction cleaning company.

meet the team


The Clean Slate Team takes pride in the work we do along with the clients we serve. Meet our dedicated team below. 


A Clean Slate, LLC provides construction site services and facility management services for new construction projects and government entities nationwide. Management services include latrines, dumpsters, construction and final cleaning, and selective demo. We procure equipment and manage all associated labor and maintenance. We assist general contractors (GCs) with meeting workforce goals on federal, state, local, and private projects.

We always pull from the local workforce, utilizing local businesses as subcontractors for equipment. This creates value for GCs, allowing them to show their clients that they are sourcing locally. This also puts money back into local economies, creating value for the GC as it relates to their client. A Clean Slate is licensed, insured, and bonded.


To serve our Partners no matter how big or small the task. 


Intentionally serve our Partners by providing top of the line construction related services, creating long-lasting partnerships, and giving them the best ROI for every project.

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